Linda Spiteri

For Sale: Postcards for Sale

Postcards + Booklets

I have recently been very busy going through many year's worth of work from my travels, mainly across Europe and the UK and have pulled together a series of photographs which have been printed as A6 Postcard size.  The idea behind this is to represent my travels - where I travelled to, what I saw, and how I've managed to capture the moment.  The postcards can be used as a greeting card, as a print to be framed, or simply as a postcard to be sent on its next journey.  There are several individual designs to choose from as well as 2 books - Architecture and Horticulture - which contain 10 cards per book.  Postcards are available for £1.50 each or Booklets of 10 for £12.50.  Please get in touch if you're interested in anything you see.  Thank you ;o)